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Stuffed hot pepper

Andean croquettes

Tender cheesy croquettes fresh dipped in an original sweet and sour sauce of passionfruit.

Avocado Cocktail

Fresh combination of avocado and chopped chicken
 covered in a classic cocktail sauce.

Quinoa Tabouleh (VV)

Inspired by the Lebanese cuisine, the Cheff replaced Bulgur wheat with quinoa, mixed with tomatoes, parsley, cucumbers and other season legumes with olive oil and aromatic herbs.

Inca´s soup

Subtle combination of quinoa, greens from our gardens and pieces of chiken.


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Alpaca al Vino

Inspired by an old Belgian recipe made with deer. Tenderloin pieces of alpaca, slowly cooked in red wine. Together with a delicious “quinoto”.

Trout with Fine Herbs

Fresh trout pieces with a fine crust, where the flavors of fine herbs and Dijon mustard get combined, it is garnished with andean fries.

Potatoe with yellow pepper sauce (V)

Typical dish of the creole peruvian cuisine, boiled yellow potatoes covered with a sauce made of chilis, ground peanuts, milk, fresh cheese and oil, garnished with boiled eggs and black olives.

Flamish Carbonade

Our cheff redefined this classic dish of the Belgian cuisine, this tenderloin stew is slowly cooked with beer and mustard, garnished with fries.


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Chocolate Mousse

The chef considered this dessert as a gift from the Gods...It is made of Belgian and Peruvian dark bitter chocolate bars... with an unique citric flavor.

Passion fruit delight

A secret combination of different kinds of milk and passion fruit juice. Definitely a must.

Cheff´s Sabayon

Inspired by the classic Italian sabayon, its preparation is based on white wine and oporto, it is served warm.

Crêpe Suzette

Flamed and glazed crepe with butter, zest and orange juice, lime and refined sugar. the cheff flame the crepes in a mix of Grand Marnier, Brandy and Cointreau.

Fruit Salad (VV)



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Delirium Tremens

This yellowish turbid beer has 8 º, has a bitter and intense flavor. It was produced on north of Belgium since 1654. For long time It had the honor of being considered best beer of the world.


Ocher golden coloured beer, intense flavor and aroma, produced since the early years of the XX century, with a strong alcoholic graduation 8.5º it was called " The true Devil" "echte Duvel"

Floris Framboise

With 3.6 º and based on white beer, this Floris of the Huygue brewery has a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. In mouth, you can taste sweet raspberry, coriander and orange.

Floris Passion

Beer with 3,6 º of alcohol, light golden color , and its passion fruit aroma and flavor over other fruits scences, makes it Ideal as cooling beverage and as appetizer.


High fermentation abbey beer, brewed in accordance with the Benedictine monks tradition of the community of Maredsous Abbey. The abbey is situated in the Belgian Ardennes.

La Chouffe

First beer elaborated by family brewery Achouffe, south of Belgium. Beer of 8 º, lightly spice flavored, blond golden color, fruity and hop flavored. Ideal for appetizers.


Chimay is one of 7 Trappist beers of the world. Chimay´s Cistercian abbey, located on south Belgium, produces its beers from 1862.the triple has 8 º blond, and the blue version has 9 º garnet color.

Delirium Red

Brouwerij´s family also produces this beer of 8 º, red dark, pink foam and soft fruity aroma with notes of cherries, almonds and berries. Ideal for dessert or as a digestive.

Tripel Karmeliet

Produced by Carmelite nuns from north of Belgium since 1679, this beer of 8,4 º bronze colored of high fermentation, combines wheat, oats and barley. it leaves lightness and freshness in palate.

Westmalle Tripel

Westmalle beer is one of 7 Trappist beers of the world. The abbey of Westmalle started producing it on 1836. high fermentation beer, this blond and powerful beverage of 9,5 º has balanced bitterness.

Cuvée des Trolls

Blond beer of 7 º not fitered with natural turbid aspect, the Cuvée des Trolls has a fruity orangy aroma and a round and refined flavor.

Bush Amber

The Debuisson brewery produces beers since 1769. Bush amber, amber color is a reposed beer and of bittersweet flavor, has spongy consistency and 12 º of alcohol.

Peche Mel Bush

Based on natural peaches extract, this fruity beer, bold character and of 8,5 º tastes of a perfect balanced flavor. One of the strongest fruit beers on market.

Lindemans Kriek

Lindemans brewery produces since 1809 spontaneous fermentation refreshing beers. The Kriek, reddish color and pink foam. The cherry flavors stand out... One of the best kriek.

Lindemans Pécheresse

Lindemans brewery produces since 1809 spontaneous fermentation refreshing beers. Young beer with orange color and 2,5 º, it is enriched with rich peaches juice: a real bottled fruit.

St Bernardus Triple

Golden blond abbey style beer, re-fermented in bottle, exhales a sweet and spiced aroma, slightly malted. At First leaves a powerful sensation while tasting it before it reveals its delicacy.

Saint Feuillen

Pale gold coloured, this beer brings candy aromas, cereals and citrus fruits has a sweet flavor with some tart and bitter notes. A beer with body, 7.5 º. It has also won many international awards.

Delirium Christmas

Amber colored beer, specially designed for Christmas time. served in glass, smells of candy and yeast can be sensed. In mouth, alcohol degree(10,5 º) is noticed, fruity and piquant flavored.

Floris Kriek

Beer based on wild cherries and white beer, it is not very sweet. It has a very pronounced cherry flavor, with a touch of nuts and bitterness provided by cherry seeds. 3,6 º.


This complex and strong beer, high fermentation, owns a turbid amber color and malt aromas, herbs and tropical fruits. This beer made in north Belgium has 10,5 º of alcohol.

Gulden Draak

It is a special edition created by the brewmaster honoring the 230 years of the brewery. left in whiskey barrels gives to this beer an incomparable flavor and taste. 75 Cl. 10,5 º of alcohol.

Bush Blonde

Elaborated with traditional malts and exclusive hop from Saaz, gives as result a clear and brilliant color, this soft bodied beer with a light and refined bitterness has 10,5 º of alcohol.


Amber Beer amber ,white foam on glass. Its aroma is a conbination of sweet candy and yeast. its flavor is light with a fruity touch. A very sweet beer, without being too sugary.


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Cusqueña Dorada

Golden premium beer with 4.8 ° of alcohol graduation, three times filtered, on its production it is used 100 % selected barleys malt and the finest aromatic hop.

Cusqueña Black

This beer of 5.5 ° alcohol degree, it´s the result of an extra maturation process, that accentuates its body and flavor, using brown malts and candy in the recipe, giving an energizing flavor.

Cusqueña Red

This beer of 5 °, reddish golden color, combines two varieties of malted barleys and fine bitter and aromatic hops, making this beer maybe the best achieved one so far.

Cusqueña Trigo

Beer with 4.9 °, elaborated with Andrews wheat and selected malted barleys, with an exclusive fermentation process, giving an exquisite flavor and a special fruity aroma.

Cusqueña Quinua

Limited edition beer with 6.5°, including some extra ingredients such as oranges and peaches in its preparation, giving to this unique beer, great aroma and flavor like no others.


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