Puno City



The City of Puno, Perus main lacustrine port, located 3827 m.o.s.l. over the western shore of the mythical Lake Titicaca. is considered the cultural heart of the peruvian plateau, A different geographical region from the ones of the coast and the rain forest.

The andean plateau begins at the northeast part of the Raya mountain range, near Cuzco, and it ends at the southeast part of the Huamahuaca ravine in Argentina, Having as its center the basin of Titicaca, surrounded by the western and oriental volcanic mountain range of Carabaya. This territory was a main road for more than 10 thousand years. it was the place where potatoes were grown fisrt, and the regular habitat for andean camelids ( llamas, alcapas, vicunas).

Pukara and Tiahuanaco civilizations were born here, they were the origins of the biggest empire of South America, The Inca  Empire, Many archeological and natural treasures can be found on the Andean plateau, Emphasizing the vitality and activity of the Quechua and Aymara people that mixed with the Hispanic influence have created an exceptional folkloric attraction.

Puno, truly deserves to be called " South Américas Folkloric capital".

Those ones that have the chance to visit this city next to the lake during its holydays will have an unforgetable souvenir from this place...

Punos festivities calendar is very amusing and has lots of things tourists can do with the locals.

The apotheosis of these Andean folklore manifestations is the holidays of Holy Virgin Candelaria.

This great celebration takes around long 15 days, since the first days of February, when the city get colorful and the party atmosphere takes over.