The chapel of 7 archangels was constructed to celebrate the marriage of Don Blas Arazola with Doña Rosa Ccosi on August 20, 2016 being consecrated as chapel the sameday.




The chapel of the 7 archangels, was drawn and constructed by Mr Christian Nonis to celebrate the marriage of his adopted child Mr. Blas Arazola with Rosa Ccosi On August 20, 2016 being proclaimed as Chapel that sameday by Franciscan priest Vicente Imhol.

The chapel contains representations of 7 protector archangels, of heaven and earthly worlds, art work made by trujillian artist Paolo Vigo and cusquenian artist Cristian Dávila.

Created over a rural world, Saint Peter, the fisherman, was chosen as main saint. His festivities are celebrated On June 29 every year with a very coloured procession that goes along the fields and finishes on a boat tour on the lake

This chape,l also dedicated to Virgin del Carmen (celebrates On July 16) and to Saint Blas, bishop of Minor Asia , which holiday is celebrated On February 03 , being an original ceremony, people ask to their main saint for protection against throat diseases and teeth pain

The Saints sculptures were made by cusquenian artist Cristian Dávila, influenced by a Baroque Andean style . The Chapel theme goes around a religious topic of " Tree of Life ". The asymmetric door has a tree shaped form and the sides stained glasses of the chapel represent the same tree passing through four seasons, symbolizing the four stages of mans life (spring - youth, summer - adolescence, autumn - maturity and winter - oldness).

The stained glass work was made by arequipenian artist Cecilia Rodriguez. In an exterior cave, where the belfry was constructed, it is possible to see the devil reaching out of the wall trying to tempt and decieve the travelers . in the tower’s first floor, a sculpture of Virgin Mary, nursing her son, protects the place against any evil action …